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Shonen Knife Lyrics

(love Is Like A) HeatwaveAh Singapore
Ah Singapore ( In Album Let's Knife )Another Day
Antonio Baka GuyAntonio Baka Guy ( In Album Let's Knife )
BaggsBanana Chips
Bear Up BisonBear Up Bison ( In Album Let's Knife )
Black BassBlue Oyster Cult
Brown MushroomsBuddha's Face
Buggy BugBurning Farm
Butterfly BoyCatch Your Bus
Catnip DreamCherry Bomb
Chinese DiscoCm Song
Cobra Versus MongooseConcrete Animals
Cookie DayCycling Is Fun
Daydream BelieverDevil House
Devil House ( Let's Knife )Diet Run
DollyDon't Hurt My Little Sister
E.s.p.E.s.p. (japanese)
Elmer ElevatorExplosion
Explosion (japanese)Expo '90
Faith HealerFish Eyes
Fish ParadeFlying Jelly Bean Attack
FrogphobiaFrogphobia (japanese)
Fruit Loop DreamsFruits & Vegetables
Fruits & Vegetables (japanese)Get The Wow
GokiburuGomi Day
Goose-step MamaGyoza
His PetHot Chocolate
Huge SnailI Am A Cat
I Wanna Be SedatedI Wanna Eat Choco Bars
Ice Cream CityInsect Collector
JackalopeJohnny Johnny Johnny
Kaiki GameKappa Ex.
Keep On Rockin'Konnichiwa
LazyboneLittle Tree
Loop Di LoopMagic Joe
Mayonnaise AddictionMilky Way
MosquitoesMusic Square
My Favorite Town OsakaNeon Zebra
Nya NyaOne Week
ParadisePeople Traps
Public BathPunk Rock Star
Raindrops Keep Falling On My HeadRedd Kross
Riding On The RocketRiding On The Rocket ( In Album Let's Knife )
SesameShonen Knife
Shonen Knife PlanetSpace Christmas
Strawberry Cream PuffSummertime Boogie
Super Big Black BassSuperstar
Sushi BarSynthesizer (bubble Houkai)
The Luck Of The IrishThe Moon World
The Perfect WorldTill The End Of The Day
Tomato HeadTop Of The World
Tortoise Brand Pot Cleaner Theme (green Tortoise)Tortoise Brand Pot Cleaner Theme (sea Turtle)
Tower Of The SunTower Of The Sun (japanese)
Twist BarbieWatchin' Girl
White FlagWild Life
Wind Your SpringWind Your Spring (japanese)
Wonder WineWonder Wine (japanese)
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